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Kuchipudi is a tiny village in Movva Mandal which is situated in the Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh. Kuchipudi village represents the perfect depiction of the Kuchipudi Dance art form and the astonishing range of culture and tradition that India bestows upon itself.

Kuchipudi Village is the cultural heritage that’s over 300 years old and is now recognized as a smart heritage village. Even to date, a lot of dancers from all over the world visit Kuchipudi village to learn the art and dance form of Kuchipudi in dept.

If history is to be believed, the village was priorly named as Kuchelapuram or Kuchilapuri. It gets it Sanskrit derivation of the name from Kusilava-Puram which means Bards and Dancers. The place is believed to be the originating spot for the dance form and attracts quite a good chunk of tourists every year to celebrate this form of art.

History of this village suggests that every household in this place has at least one performer. Every person around is believed to know the dance form, and it is their fathers who teach them the same.

Priorly, it was only the male dancers who performed Kuchipudi, but things have gradually changed over time. The male dancers did dress up as women and play the character they were dressed as.

Legends believe that it was Vedanta Lakhsmi Narayana Sastri who lived during the 20th CE was the one who brought along this dance form into the forefront. He was the first artist who introduced this form of dance to the women and is now performed by women as well. The kind of dance was first made accessible to the Brahmin families and was later opened up for everyone to learn.

Disclaimer: The information above has been taken from various sources from the internet and we do not own any rights.

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