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Natyarambha Slokas

Pranamya Sirasa Devo Pithamaha Maheshwarao |

Natya Shastram Pravakshyami Brahmana Yadudha Hrutam ||

Meaning: Bharata Muni says " I bow my head to Brahma- The creator of Natyasastra and Lord Siva- The creator of Dance and reveal the science of dance as it was depicted to me by Lord Brahma.

Devatanam Sirastastu Guru Namaasya Samsrithaha |

Vakshastaschaiva Vipranam Sheshetva Niyamo Bhavet ||

Meaning: We offer prayers with Anjali Hasta placed above the head for the Gods, at the forehead for the Gurus, in front of the chest for all the elders.

Vishnu Shakti Samutpanne Chitra varne Mahitale |

Aneka Ratna Sampanne Bhoomi Devi Namosthuthe ||

Meaning: I pay my salutation to the mother earth who is conceived from the power and strength of Lord Vishnu and who is endowed with magnificent horizon of picturesque colours and many precious stones.

Samudra Vasane Devi Parvatha Stana Mandale |

Natyam Karishye Bhudevi Paada Ghatha Kshamasvame ||

Meaning: The Goddess who wears the sea as her costume, having mountains as the breast we ask your forgiveness for stamping on you while we dance.

Kati Karna Sama Yatra Kurparamsa Sirasthada |

Samunnatam Uraschaiva Soushtavam Naama Tadh Bhaveth ||

Meaning: When you align your ears with the waist, head raised with chin slightly up and the chest raised slightly, this posture is called Soushtavam.

Prayena Karane Karyo Vaamo Vaksha Sthitha Karaha |

Charanaschanu Gaschapi Dakshinastu Shubhaveth Karaha ||

Meaning: While starting any step you place your left hand in front of the chest, the feet turned to the sides with heels touching each other and start with right hand and leg.

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